Gotta get back up

Friend and fellow photographer Ethan Messina ( recently took a dive off of his bicycle, requiring a few stitches and a good weekend of pain medication. After the stitches were removed I asked him if I could take his picture just to have something to remind us of the importance of helmets. I had an idea of what I wanted to do but did not have space available to shoot. I pulled the equipment that I have and we found an open parking lot, we set up outside and pulled power from my generator. There were a few strange looks from people getting in their cars after work as we set up but we kept our heads down and just went to work. We had a nice laugh at the situation while I photographed him, took a look at what we got and were satisfied. It was a quick takedown so we went to a bar a few blocks over to have a drink and I started working on the images.  I was very happy with the results from the makeshift location studio and am always happy to hang out with Ethan.